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Here's How We Plan on Helping Families with Chronic Pain and Back Pain  During the Coronavirus Lockdown 👪

A few days ago, we emailed our customers asking how the Coronavirus lockdown has affected them

And the responses blew us away.

While every family is struggling to adapt to these strange and uncertain times...

We never realized how much more difficult it is for families with chronic pain. 

For example, some customers told us they found it impossible to go for their medical checks ( physiotherapy , MRI etc) during this period.

And that the sudden change in routine increased anxiety levels, and also further affecting their mental health. 
Others told us it has greatly affected their weight which increased their chronic pain levels 
And that they were constantly fighting an uphill battle trying to get through this period 
Others still told us that their surgeries were not considered "high need" enough and got cancelled...

And they feared they would regress from all the social, cognitive, and behavioral progress they made this year.
Now, as a small family-run business that specializes in making helping people with chronic pain.. 
Reading these comments made our hearts break.
And realizing there wasn't much we could do made us feel worse. 
After all, we can't uncancel medical appointments, or create a safer environment for everyone to go out.

But still, we want to do whatever we can to help - even if only slightly.

So after discussing among ourselves and listening to our customers...
➡️➡️➡️ Here's How We Plan On Serving You During the Coronavirus Lockdown 👇👇👇

The first thing we are going to do is discount every item in our store 20%.
That's because ever since we first started this company in 2017...
We've heard firsthand about how helpful our products have been for chronic patients. 

Whether it was one customer who said our ATX Wrist Brace allowed them to finally have a good night's sleep without pain.. 
Or another who said our Snuzzy Pillow greatly reduced 90% of her lower back pain, and helped her play with her daughter pain free!
Or another still who said her ATX Hip Brace alleviated her sciatica and back pain after years of struggle 
If there's any chance our products can help you find a glimmer of calm and peace in these lonely times -

We definitely don't want price to be a limiting factor.

So from now until this whole covid situation ends 
... which is uncertain at the time of this writing - 

We will be discounting every product in our store 20% off the normal price.
So if you think one of our pillows or braces might help a loved one be pain free, relax, and calm at home...
Then click the link below to check them out.
➡️➡️➡️ Serving You During the Coronavirus Period: Check Out Our Discounted Products Here 👇👇👇
The second thing we are going to do during this lockdown is open up a Facebook Support Group - just for you!
With thousands of chronic pain members going through similar situations across the country...
We see it as our responsibility to help bring you all together in this time of need.
And although we may not be the most qualified to give you advice on how to handle this unprecedented situation...
Many of our customers are.
And together, the collective insight and emotional support we all can provide each other will be far better than going about this alone.
So if you think you or a family close to you might benefit from sharing questions, concerns, and insights...
Then click the link below to find access to the Facebook Group. We're all here to help.
➡️➡️➡️ Serving You During the Coronavirus Lockdown: Check Out Our Discounts and Support Group Here 👇👇👇
Finally, although our current situation is difficult and uncertain...
That doesn't mean there isn't any reason to celebrate!
After all, Sept 1st marks the start of Pain Awareness Month in 2020!
So to keep spirits high during these challenging times...
We are going to be running giveaways on pain management products *all month long*.
Whether that is our renowned Snuzzy Pillow, Medical Braces , or even products we don't sell...
We are going to run giveaways every week in September.. 
And hopefully make this 'lockdown' a little more enjoyable to navigate.
So if any of our discounted products, support group, or giveaways seem beneficial to you...
Then click the link below to get access to all three. We are here to serve you as much as possible.
➡️➡️➡️ Serving You During the Coronavirus Period: Check Out Our Discounts, Support Group, and Giveaways Here 👇👇👇
Wishing you and your families the best during this time,