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About Us

Who we are

Action TribeX (ATX) is built on patience, compassion and faith. Our mission is to end chronic pain.

We want to provide the very best tools and resources for you to take clear active steps towards pain relief, and ultimately to reclaim your life back! 

We want to represent this community that has been overlooked and misunderstood. 

We want you to know that you matter, and your story is one that is courageous, unique and powerful.

Family, friends, doctors may not know your pains, but we do. 

What makes us DIFFERENT?

We are here to listen. 

Chronic pain is frustrating. We want to be the light for you, through clarity and confidence, 

Mental and Emotional Support Community. We believe health is mental, emotional, and physical. Often chronic pain is relentless and isolates us from everything we knew before,

more than ever we need to show patience and compassion to ourselves. Connect and share your feelings, frustrations and stories with us! 

Clarity. Everyone has a different situation, and we are not here to make claims on an instant 1 day recovery or make empty promises about your health. We want to provide clarity in times of uncertainty, and comfort in moments of despair. All our products come with 24/7 1 on 1 support, along with clear detailed information on what to do.

Low Cost and Effective . Chronic pain is expensive. From having multiple physiotherapy sessions to surgeries, injections and seeing various specialists, we want to lighten the burden for you through cost effective solutions to your everyday needs.