Wall Stands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Yes! This week we have 1 simple exercise we found that you can do right this second that will help your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

This practice below emphasizes shoulder alignment, because the three main nerves of the arms (median, ulnar, radial), which are often implicated in wrist pain, originate in the neck and shoulders. 

Those with current wrist or hand irritation may wish to do this complete practice three or four times a week. We emphasize that you should not experience pain, tingling, or numbness during any exercise. And if wrist or hand pain worsens, do seek medical advice. Increase in frequency, duration, and/or intensity of symptoms is a sign to stop what you’re doing and return to your physician. 

Since the nerves that run through the wrists into the hands originate in the neck and shoulder area, refining shoulder and neck alignment may help alleviate neck compression.

Stand with your back against a wall and your feet a few inches away from it, with your feet hip-distance apart and roughly parallel. (The back of your head, the back of your shoulders and rib cage, and the back of your pelvis should all be against the wall; the back of your neck and your lower back ideally curve gently away from the wall.)

Shoulder Rolls
While breathing deep, comfortable breaths with your arms at your sides, do several shoulder rolls: Roll your shoulders up, toward the wall, then down your back and toward each other.

Attention to Neck and Shoulders
With your shoulder blades and the backs of your shoulders pressing into the wall, bring your arms alongside you as in a traditional mountain pose, pressing the backs of your arms and hands against the wall, palms facing forward.

Now that you have set up your shoulders, check on your neck. If your chin is lifting, and the back of your neck creasing, tuck your chin slightly to lengthen the back of your neck. Imagine a string pulling you up by the crown of your head. 


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