Got a minute? Take the Carpal Tunnel Test

How to know if you have Carpal Tunnel in 1 min?

So.. how do you know if you have carpal tunnel? Here is a quick test that you can do right now that takes 1 minute! 

Step 1: Flex both wrist and and move them towards each other in a 90 degree position

Step 2: Hold for 60-90s

Outcome 1   No Pain → Congrats! No Carpal Tunnel

Outcome 2 → Numbness, Tingling, Pain → High Chance of Having Carpal Tunnel 

Ok…so if found out you have Carpal tunnel, don’t panic! Here are 3 quick things you can do right this second 

1)Ice your Wrist! 

Ice your wrist or soak it in an ice bath for 10 minutes to 15 minutes once or twice an hour.

2)Wrist Brace
Buy a wrist brace at your local drugstore to keep your hand properly aligned. It may help to wear the splint at night to keep you from flexing or overextending your wrist while you sleep. Luckily we got you covered with our very own signature ATX Revio Brace 

3)Warm Water
Immerse your hand in warm water — with a temperature between 92 and 100 degrees — and gently move or flex your hand and wrist. Do this three to four times a day.

When it’s time to see the doctor If these home treatments don’t ease your pain in one or two weeks, it might be time to see an orthopaedic physician, who specializes in treatment of bones, joints and muscles. 




  • I bought the Revio Tribex Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Wrist Pain brace Oct 1st and I am having a problem with the velcro sticking. Is this a problem with this product and is there a resolution to the problem. Please advise. I really like the product. Thanks Joanne

    Joanne Flannery
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