4 Wrist Injury Recovery Hacks

10s summary of article 

  • Improve your Diet
  • Stay Limber
  • Wear a Wrist Brace
  • Massage Gently while Healing

1) Improve Your Diet

Your body needs a lot of extra energy to build new tissue and knit together any tears or open wounds. Lean Protein is the most important nutrient to focus on. This is what your body builds new tissue with, the same as when you're building new muscle. In addition, you also want to fuel up on your trace minerals. Color is a great guide in this. Dark leafy greens, a variety of brightly colored vegetables, bananas and apples. Nuts are also a good source of minerals and fish is always a good idea for the B12 and healthy oils. If you are experiencing swelling, consider adjusting your diet to include more anti-inflammatory foods.

2) Stay Limber

So you're eating right and you're treating your injury with the respect it deserves. The next step is to make sure that it doesn't heal stiff or heal with the new tissue too short for your normal range of motion. This surprisingly common problem happens because keep your injured limb in a relaxed or safely bent position while recovering, and the new tissue grows in short. Fortunately, the solution is simple : Stay limber. A few times a day, carefully extend your limb fully several times. Roll and stretch it out as much as is safe, without putting any painful pressure on the injury. You may need the help of someone else so you can relax while they gently stretch out the nearby joints.

The more you can stretch out and remain able to stretch during recovery, the better.

3) Wear a Wrist Brace

Your life doesn't stop just because you got injured and you can't (thank goodness) just sit at home all day for the weeks, sometimes months, it takes to fully recover. You'll still have to go to work or school and continue running your usual errands. However, managing your normal life tasks can often put an injury at risk.

The ideal solution for healing safely and living your life is a good brace.  A sturdy wrist brace will provide you with the best protection early in recovery when you want to repel as much of a bump as possible. Luckily, we have one ready for you here.

4) Massage Gently While Healing

The next thing you can do for yourself is a little more direct. During the early stages of healing, you don't want to poke at the wound too much. However, once the wound is fully closed and/or starts to change colors, gentle massage can be very useful. Do not do anything too aggressive,, but gently rubbing your fingertips in circles around a healing area or using a handheld massager can be very helpful to the healing process.

This can break up lactic acid and any dead cells that might otherwise become scar tissue. You may also consider rubbing in an appropriate ointment into the area. 

A handheld massager will help you to stretch and strengthen the joint or muscle in the long run,  and you can recover both more quickly and with greater ability.


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